While our Strong Football Coaching Team will take care of Football learning and selection opportunities, some of our academy’s other facilities are listed below:

Air Conditioned Residential Facility

We have our own hostel for players with ambient environment where the players spend most of their off-field time relaxing, studying & enjoying with fellow players. Our hostel is well guarded and is second home for the players.


We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to our players. A complete, balanced diet composing of necessary nutrients is followed under supervision of expert dieticians for overall growth and performance of the players.

In-house Academic Coaching

Apart from our tie-ups with schools, we also have in-house tutors for major academic subjects including Language, Science and Mathematics – to help the players cope up with their academic requirements, examinations & test preparations.

Medical Facilities

Besides providing medical insurance, the academy has arranged with Dr. Pradip Sharma for priority check up and treatment to academy players. The academy also has a ‘sick room’ for specific care and treatment.

In-house Physiotherapist

Besides treating injuries, our in-house physiotherapist attempts to improve overall fitness level of our players so that their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily practice is not compromised.


We have top quality cardio, free weight, and strength training equipment at our Gym. We are focused on providing our players the best equipment and a clean & safe workout space which shall help in retaining their fitness.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is for both recreational and fitness purposes. Whether it is just general swimming or 1-2-1 swimming lessons, our players can be sure to find both enjoyable and fitness benefits in our pools.


The entire premises is monitored 24 x 7 with the help of security cameras. We have a vigilant team of security guards, wardens and caretakers who are responsible for the safety, security and well-being of our players.

Laundry Services

Laundry forms an important part of ‘away-from-home’ life. We at KFA understand this and thus have automatic washing machines for washing clothes and uniforms. Our Housekeeping team looks after the laundry and ironing services.

Housekeeping Services

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ – is an important and old proverb and we follow it with the bottom of our heart. Our housekeeping team ensures the tidiness of our academy premises, canteen, grounds and adjoining areas.

Hot & Cold Water

The academy has ample supply of water to meet its daily requirements. Individual geysers are installed in each bath room – for warm water in the winter season and other occasions.

Purified Drinking Water

We have branded RO purifiers installed at all the floors of our academy for our players to ensure they get palatable and purified drinking water all the time. We also use the same purified water for cooking purposes in our canteen.

Transportation Facilities

We have our own private fleet for locomotion of the entire team including coaches and players to various locations for training, friendly matches, excursions and visits. Our experienced drivers ensure safe movement of the team.

In-house Warden and Medical Officer

Resident warden and medical officer ensures overall control and immediate medical relief in case of need at odd hours.

Recreation Activities

Besides occasional excursion trips to local places, Large TV Screen and in-door games helps Academy Players to relax from their tight schedule and recharge themselves.

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